I have been fortunate to drink from the wells of Iyengar, Hatha, Anusara Yoga Style, and have spiced this combination up with different drills and active stretching exercises.

Do you feel like you receive too much input in your mind and would you like to be more present in your body?
Do you wish to have a different connection to your body?
Do you want to create intimacy with your breath and experience different pranayama exercises?
Do you desire to create different shapes with your body?
‍Do you have the need for embodiment?

During the last twenty years, I have been using Yoga as my main tool for being present, grounded, aware and more compassionate. Through these yoga classes you will be able to tune in to your body deeply in new ways, new doorways will open in connection to your breath. Yoga will assist you in opening parts of your body which need to be unlocked, expressed and oxygenated.

Do you feel like having a companion who will guide you towards an embodied practice?

I weave an inspirational heart theme into each class, helping the students connect the physical practice to the more subtle realms of life. The heart theme is expressed through the class, transforming the practice into an inspirational experience. The student learns through the class how to align the body through the Universal principles of alignment, coming back into their optimal blueprint.

Classes have fluidity and playfulness. They begin centering the body, mind and spirit, connecting with the breath through a pranayama practice, followed with an opening mantra accompanied with a harmonium or a guitar that helps set a high vibration for the class.

Afterwards, the student is guided into a warm up, sahaja, deep spontaneous movement, surya namaskars, connecting movement to inner rhythm, to then flow into a sequence of poses, arriving to the peak pose, to eventually wind down into a contemplation time and a nourishing savasana. Classes are deeply tailored to each person’s wishes and needs.

Allow me to accompany you in your yoga journey.

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