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"Learning is movement from moment to moment"

– J. Krishnamurti

I am passionate about embodying a healthy lifestyle through movement and nutrition.

Since an early age, I have been deepening into these topics from both lenses, the academic or western way, and the initiatory or shamanic way. Inspired by my curiosity in healing and health, I completed a Batchelor in Nursing at the University of the Basque Country. As soon as, I started working as a nurse. I became aware that all that is manifested in the physical body is connected to the more subtle bodies “As above so below”.

I realized body, mind, emotions and spirit are deeply interweaved. This made me step into different healing modalities. I decided to study Energy Healing Work from Los curanderos Tradition from Vera Cruz for 4 years. Through this tradition, I learned to perceive, work and move subtle energy.

Simultaneously, I have always used movement as a tool for expression, as a refuge. I met Yoga while I was living in Montreal. It felt natural to me and started practicing mainly Sivananda and Iyengar styles. After coming back to Europe, I kept deepening into it, traveled to India, Costa Rica, England, Barcelona to meet with world known Yoga teachers and different yoga styles.

Afterwards, I felt a strong call to take my 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Pachamama community in Costa Rica and afterwards to complete my 300h Anusara YTT. Yoga allows me to align my body, mind and spirit, increase the natural body detox power, feel alive and beautiful, have an intimate and growing connection with my breath, experience meditation as a way to feel unity.

I feel honored to hold in person, online yoga classes and to collaborate with different companies. 

In the last years, I created a method called Movement for Ascension. Movement for Ascension has created organically out of my experience with movement, energetic work, asana, intention and ritual. After many years of taking part in rituals, I realized that my most natural way to embody a prayer is through movement, interweaving intention through the body and allowing energy to move and be expressed outwards and manifest.

My journey in life and being a highly sensitive human made me realized the importance of nutrition to be aligned to my soul and to be able to deeply understand, express, and manifest my dreams.

”I have realized that as much as I am in tune with what I eat as much as it is easier to be in tune with myself, and to be able to manifest my projects and dreams”

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Main Certifications

Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition, American College of Healthcare Sciences (in progress).

Bachelor Degree in Nursing, University of the Basque Country, Spain.

Presence Healing Energy Work, Training through initiation from Los Curanderos Tradition from New Mexico.

300h Teacher Training in Anusara Yoga, Spain.

200h Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga, Costa Rica.

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