Movement & Wellness Consultancy

"I believe movement, yoga, and nutrition are fundamental to feel inspired, aligned to your body & soul purpose"

About Me

Hi, I am Oihana Galor-Dual.
I am a movement, yoga and wellness guide.

I help you to;
Align body, mind and spirit,
Increase your vitality,
Feel beautiful and radiant from inside out,
Stay grounded,
Rely on your parasympathetic system,
Interweave presence and breath,
Experience meditation as a way to feel unity,
Feel inspired.
My main tools for you to achieve this are;
Movement for Ascension, Yoga and Nutrition
Te ayudo a alinear tu cuerpo, mente y espíritu,
Confiar en tu sistema parasimpatico,
Entrelazar tu presencia con tu respiración.
Mis principales herramientas son,
Movimiento para la Ascension, Yoga y Nutrición




Programs which combines asanas,
active & passive stretching exercises & pranayama.
of classes focused on
hip openings,
back bends...
Individual, group & online classes.


Movement for Ascension

Movement for Ascension™ has been created organically out of my experience with movement and energetic work,
the need of melting ritual, intention, prayer and asana practice. 



Your nutrition, the way you cook, the herbs you eat influence dramatically the strength, flexibility, endurance of your body and the clarity in your mind. Learn more about beneficial practices for your lifestyle.




Movement for Ascension has been created organically out of my experience with movement and energetic work, out of the need of melting ritual, intention, prayer and asana practice.




Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers

The intention behind this podcast is to inspire you create the life that deep down you desire to live, outside of preconceived ideas.

Listening to this podcast you will be listening to first line dreamers, entrepreneurs, story-tellers, creators and friends who share their unique blueprint with the world.


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What students say

“Oihana created a 28 day wellness program tailored specially for me and my intentions. Together we took a journey of the body, mind and spirit to strengthen my body, create more flow within, increase my flexibility and deepen my inner peace.

We focused on the feminine energy, fertility, and divine movement of the body to manifest all this. The program and interaction with Oihana was very personal and I felt how much she cares everyday. She combined classic yoga and asanas, meditation, music and dance choreography. Overall I felt much more relaxed and connected those days”

Mili Neeman

Marketing and Finance expert

"I would like to share my yoga experience with Oihana. I asked her for some private lessons and because my body was quite rusty I was not sure if I was able to...But Oihana slowly but surely built my self-esteem and my ability to move, and stretch. I started the lessons in a deep depression and being upset with everything in my life. To my surprise these issues have passed away, issues that I carried with negatively for years. I finally can say that yoga with Oihana has made me a new person. Her beautiful energy and attention to details for her students is incredible. I will cherish her yoga and wisdom for life. Thank you."


"I like her classes because she designs them specifically for my needs. We developed a very caring and personal connection throughout all the sessions based on mutual admiration and respect. After a class, I feel very free and relaxed."


"He tenido la oportunidad de asistir a algunas de las sesiones de yoga impartidas en Bilbao. La dedicación y complicidad que emana Oihana hace que se genere un entorno en el que poder emprender un viaje al interior hacia la armonía, evasión y serenidad. Totalmente recomendable."


"Oihana has a special gift to communicate in her classes. She came in various occasions to Surya Buddhi Studio and the students want to see her coming back again and again. Attending her classes helped me understand deeper the sense of the practice, that is to understand my body and realize how it is in the present moment. It allows you to understand, land, see further than performing an asana. It allows you to understand from the root, from the depth of the self. Oihana inspires and communicates with each word and instruction. Her classes are a dance of the senses. Pure inspiration."


Studio owner of Surya Buddhi Bilbao & Human Resources Manager