Ibiza Coffee

Oihanna-Galor Dual

Sometimes in the middle of the morning, depending how the day is flowing I like to have a coffee, it is the moment where time suddenly becomes more spacious, and this brew nourishes my body. I call it brew because as you will read it does not contain coffee, not caffeine, it is a mixture of a water that is the result from boiling spices with vegetable milk and more spices. It is obvious that I love spices, the smell of them takes me home.

So, getting back to the Ibiza Coffee. First, I warm up aniseed, recently grained pepper, fennel seed, cardamon seeds, clove and ginger roots (sometimes I add turmeric root depending on my mood and the day. Once they are warm, I add very warm water and  boil it for 3/5 min. Then, I have vegetable milk, usually coconut or almond which I try to make it myself. Then, I blend vegetable milk, Sun Potion Tocos and grained cardamon with one date in a high speed blender which adds some foam on top of it which I love.

For the last part, just mix the spiced water with the sweet spiced milk and ta ta....your Ibiza Coffee is ready.

Which are its benefits?
It is extra delicious,
No caffeine involved which makes the insulin in the body rise and decrease fast and produces hunger.
And if you need a theine kick for the day you can add black or green tea. 

Enjoy your Ibiza Coffee!